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GnarV2 (2018 Ford Transit Connect) - 22.5k Miles, $33,000

GnarV1 (2016 Ford Transit Connect) - 22.5k Miles, $31,000

The GnarV is a new twist on the classic Pop-Top Camper-Van. Inspired by VW Westys of yore and designed in house by the Outbound Rigs engineering team, the GnarV is for those who want to experience the freedom of #vanlife without worrying about making it up the next hill. These rigs are built on brand-spanking-new Ford Transit Connects and feature a convertible bed/bench and 6' 4" of standing room. An innovative kitchen box slides out of from the rear of the van with running water, a fridge and tons of prep and storage space. 

  • 47" x 79" bed for two adults that converts to a bench with an interior table

  • 31 quart fridge

  • Sink with running water

  • Interior table

  • Ample storage space

Comfort & Convenience
  • 6'4" of standing room

  • Wall cabinets & under bed storage

  • LED lighting

  • 12V, 110V, and USB outlets galore

  • Solar panel input for use with optional solar panel

  • 169-horsepower, 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine

  • 6-speed automatic transmission

  • 28 mpg highway, 20 mpg city

  • Seats and sleeps 2

Please note

While the 2016 and 2018 are similar in form and function, there are some differences between the two conversions. You can watch the rental orientation videos below for a quick comparison, or you can make an appointment to see them in person at our shop in Georgetown, Seattle. 

2018 Walk Through

2016 Walk Through

Georgetown - Seattle, Washington


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