Frequently asked questions

Answers to questions about how to rent, what we require and more!

Q: How does your insurance work?

A: For trips occurring during the months of May through October, we pay for complete coverage of the GnarV camper vans so no additional insurance or paperwork is necessary on your part. For trips occurring during the months of November through April, renters are required to purchase a full coverage liability insurance policy through, amounting to 20% of your rental subtotal. Complete details on the insurance policy can be found here. Roadside assistance is required for rentals year round, at $12/day. 

Q: Am I old enough to rent from Outbound Rigs?


A: Our insurance requires that all drivers are 25+ years of age, although we may be able to waive that requirement if you can provide your own insurance binder.

Q: What is the security deposit used for?

A: We ask for a fully refundable security deposit of $1,000. This covers our rigs in the event of interior or exterior damage to the trailer or equipment we include, money owed us, or fees you incur (e.g. cleaning fee, late fee). The amount of the security deposit covers our insurance deductible. In some cases it's possible our insurance claim could be denied and you will be liable for the full cost of replacements or repairs. Please see our rental agreement for more information.

Q: Do you have a minimum rental period?

A: We have a minimum 4 night rental. You can book a shorter rental if you pay for the full minimum number of nights.

Q: What is your daily mileage policy?

A: A GnarV Campervan rental includes 150 miles per day (averaged over your trip), with additional miles charged at $0.35/mile. If you've racked up more than 200 miles a day, we'll give you a high-five and unlimited miles for $20/day. We like to track miles as much as we like to count calories (said nobody ever), which is why we structure our mileage policy so you don't have to worry about a huge bill at the end of your trip or trying to use extra miles you've already paid for. Trailer rentals include unlimited miles at no charge.

Q: I'm trying to hit the road before 9am, can I pick my rig up the night before my trip starts? 

A: The short answer is no, you'll need to pick up your rental between 9am-6pm the day prior and pay for an additional night. The long answer is we've found that the best way to accommodate various schedules is to offer pick-ups beginning at 9am so you can start out in the morning, and returns until 6pm so you can take your time coming home. We charge per night rather than daily so that your overall cost is less even if you’re stuck with a “partial” day. Please keep in mind that we've structured our daily operations so that we can give a thorough orientation before departure, and properly clean, maintain, and check the safety of each van on its return. When done right these things take time, and ultimately we're committed to doing things the right way to give you the best possible experience.  

Q: I won't get back until after 6pm, can I drop my rig off the morning after my trip ends? 

A: The short answer is no, you'll need to drop off your rental by 6pm the day after your trip and pay for an additional night. See above answer for reason behind this policy.

Q: What's the deal with reservation deposits and cancellations?

A: The trip total will be taken as a deposit when you complete your reservation. We will refund your trip deposit in full up to 30 days before your trip begins. If you need to cancel within 30 days, 50% of the trip total will be refunded.

Q: Do you allow pets?

A: Yes! We love our furry friends and often take the Outbound Rigs mascots adventuring with us. That being said, we've witnessed our dogs chew through plywood like a beaver on Surge (remember that stuff??). If your fuzzy companion just can't resist some high quality cabinets or claiming their territory in the name of Dog and Country, consider leaving them behind just this time.

Q: Where can I find your Rental Agreement?

A: You can read a copy of our Rental Agreement here. Once you complete the registration process we will send you an e-sign version to be completed before the start of your trip.

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