Outbound Rigs is a former camper van design and rental company based in Seattle, Washington. After three awesome years of outfitting campers from around the world, the founders are selling everything and moving on to their next adventure. If you've ever dreamed of living the #vanlife, now could be your chance!

Who Are We?
Why buy our vans?

We're committed to delivering a high quality experience even as we close up shop. Our vans are beautifully designed, well cared for and have relatively low mileage despite the rental seasons under their belts. We know that RV maintenance can be daunting, so we will make sure you feel well equipped to care for your new 4-wheeled vanbaby and all of its systems. Yes we're selling used cars, but we're not used car-salesmen. We want to find new owners who will love the vans as much as we do and promise to keep the adventure going!

Georgetown - Seattle, Washington


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